Laos and Thailand

6 Mar

We spent a magical week in the quiet streets of Luang Prabang in Loas (which is just the cutest, prettiest little town I have ever seen). We went white water rafting and hiking for $40 which we think is over priced even though it included lunch. But the scenery is beautiful and the town just very quaint. We spent many afternoons watching the sunset over the river and even play frisbee on the banks of the river (Baden got his feet wet running after my wayward discs.)

We had plans to go to Halong bay but sadly Baden’s visa had accidently been stamped USED when we left Vietnam last and even though we had multiple entries, they wouldn’t allow us onto the plane. So we had to buy tickets to Bangkok. It helped a bit because our contracts arrived in Bangkok earlier so we were able to apply for our Korean visas a bit earlier. We spent a week in Bangkok waiting for our visas and spent some time in Sukhamvit (which is the expat/business centre of Bangkok) and that made us feel quite excited about living in Asia. Many foreign people are here (some are raising families here) and it all felt quite exciting.

As soon as our visas arrived, we caught a bus and then a ferry to Ko Koot island which was so so magical. It was more expensive than the rest of Thailand but we hadn’t spent as much as we thought we would so we got to splash out a bit! We stayed in a R200 room with aircon and seaview! Even paradise has it’s mosquitoes though and we got seriously bitten – tabbord just didn’t seem to work! It was a time of rest though and we certainly felt relaxed and ready for the next adventure after 9 days!


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