Our first week in Korea – Seoul

6 Mar

We returned to Bangkok for 2 days and arrived in Korea 3 weeks ago. We caught the subway to an area that we had heard was quite nice (I read the book and tell Baden where we want to stay then he reads the maps and tells us how to get there – we’ve a very good team by now!) We then walked around looking for a hostel (we were a bit unprepared not booking ahead but we’ve learnt that often the cheap nice hotels are not on the internet!) The first night we stayed in an expensive place (R400 a night) just to put down our heavy backpacks and then we searched for a cheaper place. The bathrooms are much better in these hotels than the other countries we’ve visited.

Korean food is very different to what we have experienced in the rest of Asia. And it’s a bit unusual. We’ve tried Kimchi which is their famous pickled spicy cabbage dish, a vegetable noodle and a soup which I’m convince was made from boiled sardines (I only had one taste)! Baden is much more adventurous than me but after one boiled egg, which was vacuum packed in a small bag and the ‘whites’ were as brown as chocolate (and yes he ate it-the whole thing!), even he is tempted by sandwiches and pizzas – which, sadly, cost a fortune in Korea!

We have learnt to say ‘hello’ & ‘how much is this” and ‘thank you’ and ‘rice’ in Korean already but it seems like most people can speak a little bit of English (all these English teachers who get shipped in!)


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