Yes they really did that – quirky Korean habits (draft)

22 Mar

1. They spit everywhere – they conquer up the phlem, they congregate it in their throat then they fling it out their mouth with their tongue – onto the ground just meters infront of you. Yes, they really do it.

2. They only cross when it’s green – the pedestarian crossing is red, it’s a Sunday morning, they are the only person on the street, there is no car to be seen anywhere – but the robot is red and so they wait for the whole 5 minutes even though they haven’t seen one car, until the green crossing man appears. Yes, they really do it.

3. They put up cute, friendly cartoon pictures of piggies and calves and chicks  outside their butcheries and meat restaurants: A smiling chicken with a beer in his hands inviting and welcoming you in to eat him – unlikely. Yes, they really do it.

4. They add “ee” to every English word – bus-ee, orange-ee, hi-ee, bye-ee, toothbrush-ee. They also understand you better when you add “ee” so it’s best to ask for the “bus-ee”. Yes, I really do it.

5. Things change very quickly and without any warning. Lessons change as the class arrives, weekend presentations are cancelled last minute, work dinners are planned on the day and you are told about them just before leaving for home. Yes, they really do it.

6. They wear high heels to the beach…in the sand. Yes, they really do it.

7. They talk to you in Korean even though they know you don’t speak it. Even though I haven’t understood the last 5 sentences, the lady selling the socks is still trying to speak to be in Korean. And then when I walk away she smiles happily and goes inside. Yes, they really do that.

Part 1: more to come


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