Easter Sunday in Daegu

10 Apr

With no advertising, no Easter Eggs and no regular church services, we very nearly missed Easter this year.

Baden and I have not attended church since Christmas day (and we are now in April) so we decided to scout out the options for English churches in Korea to celebrate the joy of God in our lives. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to locate a church in Daegu – only 1.5hours from Yeongju by bus.

Our tickets cost us 8000 won (R41) and when we reached the Daegu bus station, we had to catch a 30 minute subway to Igok station and then a taxi to the church. We had no Korean instructions though but Baden’s Korean pronouncation is so good that he was able to tell the taxi driver of a school nearby. We arrived 15 minutes late but fortunately the service hadn’t started and we were able to join other English speaking Christians in singing songs – it felt like so long since we worshipped that Baden and I belted out every song so loudly it sounded like the congregation was full (and actually there were only about 12 people).

Normally the church has small group discussions after church but this week was “potluck” (aka, bring and share) and although we had nothing to share, we were invited to join them at Cara and Peter’s house for lunch – yummy cooked ham, fried rice, chicken drumsticks, easter eggs and coke!

Slave to our bus times, we left soon after lunch and stopped by Home Plus to enter a car competition Baden saw advertised. Home Plus was so ridiculously busy that it reminded me of the exhausting nature of a city! – that feeling of always being tired! Unlike my experience of “placement envy” in Busan, I was so grateful for being in Yeongju – the quiet, the peace, the ease with which things move.

With only 30 minutes to get back for our bus, we ran between subway trains, screamed out of the station, illegally jumping barriers and crossing roads without pedestrian crossings (which is a cardinal sin in Korea!) and still missed our bus by about 2 minutes – as we arrived at the bus station, we saw the bus drive out of the terminal! This meant we were placed on the next bus 35 minutes later which turned out to be a luxury bus and now cost us 11 000 won (R77) – the seats were massive but the heater was so hot that I think our full 11 000 won went to pay for the heating device. I actually felt sick when I got off the bus at 6pm and we just sat for a few minutes on the side of the road trying to recover. But for the first time in months, it was warm in Yeongju, and sunny, and still. It felt like home.


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