Watch out, they spit (By Baden)

23 Aug

They really do; they really, really do. Almost every day for the last 6 months, my eyes have managed to set sights on high flung globules rocketing through the air. And little bubbly puddles strown across the pavements. The worst thing is knowing that it is going to happen. I’m Not Telapathic, but I can hear the Koreans practising. Practising what seems to sound like Afrikaans. (Weird, since the Korean Government only brings in English Native speakers. But, I have met some Afrikaners posing as English speakers. That’s has to be it, Secret Afrikaans Lessons.) Afrikaans lessons or not, I have heard the Koreans practicing what sounds like Afrikaans moments before they spit. The ‘G’ sound, for the word Gooi (Throw) and Gaan (go). I just cringe! Well to be honest, I’m not quite sure which is worst, seeing the spit fly or hearing throats cleared for launch. It’s all actually quite horrible. Walking behind a lady one afternoon I spotted her gooi’ing one into the drain. Standing at the robot waiting for green, an old man coughed, and gooi’d one on the pavement. One day in class a school kid projected one into the air and it landed between the legs of his desk and the kid’s desk next to him. Then between classes descending the stairs, one student shot one into the gap of the staircase, just missing a student in front of him.

 Watch out they spit.


2 Responses to “Watch out, they spit (By Baden)”

  1. Monica Dowie August 23, 2012 at 7:04 am #

    Eeeeuuw!!! I know what you mean! Ooh and that Ggggg sounds so gross! Find yourself doing a hop skip and jump to try and miss the projectile that you have no idea of where it will be landing. Now you understand why when you go to the Oriental Plaza that there are signs saying no spitting allowed or that you’ll be fined for spitting.

  2. trish August 23, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    Sies. They did that at the school that I taught at in England. You had to watch your feet careful not to slide on a fresh one!

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