First time Ski-ers

21 Dec

Despite every frustrating moment this year has brought, I can’t deny that the Korean education office looks after their teachers. This week, we got 2 days leave to attend teachers’ training at High1 resort, one of Korea’s best skiing resorts.

The schedule that was sent to our schools showed two days of lectures with some free time. But, when we arrived there, we had about 2 hours of lectures and lots of free time.  We were there to ski!


Alex. Edmond, Simon and Baden

In the evening of the first day, we paid about 100 000won each for a night/morning pass, hire of ski equipment, ski pants, jackets and we hit the slopes – literally, Baden’s bum hit the snow within 2 metres of the building. Although the others said they were “beginners” they headed off for the top of the slopes and we stayed at the bottom on the beginners’ slope (about 2 metres of downhill). After a few practice rounds, Baden and I took the open gondola half way up the mountain and I fell off trying to disembark. I had to lie flat on the snow as the gondola passed over my head before the ski operator helped me up. I spent the evening on the beginners’ slope snow plowing (feet turned-in) –  down, fall, up the carousel, down, fall, up the carousel again. Baden finally ventured to the top of the mountain to try the bigger beginners’ slope, which he said was actually much more scary than he expected.


Baden getting the hang of it

That evening, we got to stay in a (paid for) fancy apartment, which we shared with Anna, Todd, Katie and Alex, and we were spoilt with all three meals paid for (we had an amazing English breakfast – with bacon and egg and hashbrowns and fruitloops) and hit the slopes the next day too. I stayed on the baby beginner slope again and finally managed to get down without falling. I even made friends with the ski operators, one of whom asked me if I was Russian (that topic could fill a whole other blog!) and the other who told me I’m as cute as a rabbit when I ski (whatever that means) – while Baden followed the others on the bigger slopes.


Catherine and Anna

 We both fell a lot and took some time to get the hang of it. But really it was amazing time. I think I might want to go again.


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