An International Baby Shower

3 Jul

There are some advantages to having a baby 9000km from your friends and family. Like you get to avoid unwanton advice, regular and random tummy rubs and the thousand and one horror stories people feel are necessary to share. You also learn about new cultural practices for baby care that you’d never know about back in your own country. But there are loads of disadvantages. You don’t have anyone to cook you dinners; you miss out on all the hand-me-downs; you really have to guess which doctor you want to see since referrals are hard to come by; and you don’t get to have a baby shower. Well, unless you’re me…

A few months ago, my mom had cautioned me not to buy too many baby things until after Baden’s sister, Monica, had come to visit (on her 3 week holiday in Malaysia and Thailand.) “Then you’ll know what you need,” my mom said. But when Monica arrived in Malaysia and unpacked her bag of goodies for us (biltong, biscuits, sweets etc) and handed over 1 bag of wet wipes, I assumed my list of ‘needs’ was as long as ever, and that was that. Baden had made an arrangement to skype with his mom on Sunday evening but I didn’t think much of it since this is fairly regular. After a full and smoky hot day (literally, a rainforest was burnt down in Indonesia and it flooded our coastline with a thick smoky hazy for days!), I took a late afternoon rest and shower and when I came back into the living room it had been decorated with balloons all over, a banner (saying It’s a Boy!), cup decorations, snacks and colourful baby napkins. And a huge pile of presents.

Somehow they had managed to carry an extra bag over from SA to Malaysia carrying all sorts of wonderful gifts. Our baby now has clothes, blankets, toys, shoes, socks, towels, rattles, bedding and…and…and…

The skype audience had prepared their own snacks and drinks on their side of the world and so we had a very unconventional baby shower over skype, where I spent about an hour opening gifts. It was way more than I could have ever expected!

Little Baby Dowie is already so loved! I just hope the doctor is right and ‘he’ really does come out a ‘he’ and not a ‘she’ (you hear stories of this), otherwise our little Baby girl will be wearing blue for the next 2 years! 🙂

Showing off toys

Showing off toys

Opening presents

Opening presents

Party Decorations

Party Decorations


2 Responses to “An International Baby Shower”

  1. Ann Dowie July 3, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    That was a special baby shower! You guys looked so happy.

  2. Calvin July 3, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    You look radiant and both look so happy. HE will be a lucky child. When is he due?

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