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Spiritual lessons from 5 month old

27 Jan

Jack loves his father. In fact, Jack loves his dad so much that sometimes it makes me jealous. He takes such delight in looking at his dad’s face, that bubbles of laughter swell out of him regularly in his father’s presence. When his dad walks into the room, Jack’s eyes immediately dart from whatever toy he’s looking at, to settle on his daddy’s face. When his father returns from work, Jack’s face beams with a smile so intense that he has to look away because there’s just too much goodness there.

I’m not really jealous. In fact, I love that Jack has a bond with his dad. I feel secure leaving them alone together and think it’s healthy for a baby boy to adore his father. And I know that I’m loved too. If Jack is crying before bed, often he immediately stops crying when he hears my voice and 95% of the time, he falls asleep cuddled up to me. I know we each have our role to play and we’re a good team.

But there are some times when Jack’s adoration of his father just causes problems. One of these times is during feeding. Jack can be happily suckling away, enjoying the goodness of a mother’s milk, but the moment he hears his father’s voice, even if it’s in the other room, Jack pulls off the breast, cocks back his ears and, like a puppy, wide-eyed scans the room in the hopes that he might here The Voice again. If his dad is actually in the room, he’ll turn his head to make eye contact with the object of his obsession. This causes a complete mess and the milk sprays out, all over Jack’s face, the bed, my clothes, his clothes, everywhere. It’s gotten to the point where I banish my husband from the room during feeding times.

In a similar way, Jack can sleep through anything – firecrackers in the neighbour’s yard, the geckos song in the bedroom cupboard, the rubbish bin being knocked over in the dark – but sometimes his father’s voice can stir him from sleep.

And this has recently gotten me thinking about our response to the Father’s voice. Just as Jack adores listening to his father speak, it makes me think that we too should delight in the words of our heavenly Father. Hang on his every word. Drop everything to listen to him speak. Stir from slumber to hear his voice.

And this is my challenge for this week. To look for God in all things during my day, to listen closely for his quiet voice and to delight in his presence.

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